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Where would you like to climb, walk, hike, and trek?

For more than 20 years we have been exploring mountains with friends from around the world, giving back to the regions, and encouraging those who appreciate nature.

We wish you a good visit. Thank you very much. Best regards from all of us at & , ,

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3 reviews

  1. Pattison Productions, Nov 24, 2013 -

    I have now been a member on 3 Summitclimb expeditions, repeat business is the best complement any business can receive. Summitclimb have extensive experience on a number of mountains and I have found all three of my Summitclimb expeditions to be well organised and I’ve had no doubt we’d get to our mountain even when other companies were having visa or logistic problems.

    A key area that I love about Summitclimb is the independence it offers compared to other companies. With Summitclimb you can trek/climb be yourself when you want some freedom and to feel close to nature, but also have the option to climb with other members. You can often have some input in team decisions too, unlike some of the bigger expeditions where the choice is made for you and you often have to climb in a line of 8 or more so the guide/leader can see and talk to all team members.

    The climbing sherpas and base camp staff are a close knit group and work hard for each other and the team in a very family atmosphere, always welcoming team members to join in their camaraderie. It has been very special to re-ignite friendships with the Sherpa team on my two subsequent Summitclimb expeditions. The climbing Sherpas have been an inspiration, especially Tenji and Thile, it is incredible the effort and power they exert for the team cause. I recommend Summitclimb to all of my friends.

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  2. Vik Sahney, Nov 29, 2013 -

    Cho-Oyu, Fall 2008:

    I joined Summit Climb in Fall 2008 for their Cho-Oyu expedition. Before joining the expedition I met with Dan Mazur and he was helpful in explaining how Summit Climb operated and why their prices were lower than some of their competitors like IMG / Alpine Ascents. Having a strong climbing background, I found the operating model of Summit Climb to be a very good fit. I was not looking for a 4:1 client to guide ratio or a personal sherpa. That said, Summit Climb did offer the opportunity to hire a personal sherpa.

    In 2008, Summit Climb was one of the only Western companies to receive permits to climb Cho-Oyu and we received them with delay. Dan has great relationships built over many years of operating in the region. Overall you just need to be patient and things seem to have a way of working out.

    The food at base camp was plentiful and generally tasty but basic in nature. You might see some other expeditions brag about fresh sushi or tomatoes. You won’t find that with Summit climb, but we did have pizza, fresh bread, and the occasional cake for dessert.

    When extreme winds (80+ mph) destroyed all of camp 1 including 20 tents and a cook tent, Summit Climb was able to quickly get more tents to ABC and back onto the mountain so that we could continue the expedition.

    The trip leaders gave a good demonstration of the oxygen systems and let all members try setting up and using the systems in base camp.

    Everest 2009:

    After having successfully climbed Cho-Oyu with Summit Climb in 2008, I joined Summit Climb’s Everest Expedition in Spring 2009. Cho-Oyu is a great expedition for testing yourself at 8,000m, experiencing and learning about Himalayan expedition climbing, and trying out your logistics provider in advance of an Everest bid. The Summit Climb product is different than IMG, Alpine Ascents, HIMEX, or other big budget teams.

    Summit Climb runs a budget oriented operation and the Trek into base camp was along those lines. For example, while we stayed in some tea houses on the trek, rather than staying in a nice new tea house with showers in Namche for 2 days, we camped out above town in tents. The trek in was done generally with the group or on your pace.

    In EBC, each team member had their own 3 man tent for the expedition so that you are more comfortable. In Kathmandu with the help of a Team Sherpa, I bought a thin closed cell foam pad to cover the entire tent floor and then a thick soft foam mattress for my bed. It would be great if Summit Climb provided those to every tent.

    Our EBC dining tent was comfortable with chairs, table, heater, lights, double walls and a floor. There was a solar charger and power strip in the tent where you could charge your cameras, phones, etc. It worked quite well and was quiet, as opposed to some team’s with gas generators. The food in base camp was fine but nothing amazing. Good breakfasts with scrambled eggs and cereal. Some high budget teams (not Summit Climb) provide soda, beer, chips, etc. in base camp.

    Summit Climb positions a cook and dining tent at Camp 2 as well. The food was super basic there (e.g., noodles, tuna, cheese, dahl, etc.). The dining tent was also very basic but met our needs… just rock benches covered with a sleeping pad and a rock table (no real tables or chairs like some other big dollar teams).

    Communications – Summit Climb didn’t provide radio’s to each team member. I would recommend that they do this in the future for safety reasons… if not, bring your own (NOTE: Dan has told me that they now provide radios to everyone). We had no internet in base camp (I hear there is now 3G covereage) but walked 2 hours down to Gorak Shep to check email. There was an expedition satellite phone, but I brought my own as the economics made sense (again given no cell coverage in 2009).

    Oxygen – Summit Climb was still using the old design of Poisk masks in 2009, so I brought my own Top Out mask which fits and thus functions much better. They planned for 5 oxygen bottles per person on the expedition. We all typically carried 2 bottles on the trip from C3 to C4 and then two on summit day. This means you have plenty of oxygen to run at 2 liters per minute. Some higher budget teams are now running with oxygen from the base of the Lhotse Face (between C2 and C3) and at 4 liters per minute. The trip leaders gave a good demonstration of the oxygen systems and let all members try setting up and using the systems in base camp.

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  3. Mitch Lewis, Dec 01, 2013 -

    On my quest to be one of the few fortunate and lucky individuals to climb the seven summits and complete marathons on seven continents, I have been blessed to work with many elite climbing and running expedition and tour companies. When it came time for Everest, I did a huge amount of research on firms and the guides. When I came across SummitClimb and Dan, I was of course instantly drawn because of the price, but also a bit skeptical. After talking to Dan, I was completely sold.

    There are a lot of famous mountaineers and guides and companies, but what I was looking for was a personal experience, an opportunity to summit, but safely. Dan gave me and my climbing buddy time over the phone and the office was incredibly helpful with the so-many questions we have before Everest. What should we bring, what are our chances, what are the trade-offs, what to expect, what gear, how is the food, and so many others.

    Here’s the thing, you literally put your life in the hands of the company and people involved. Dan, while known for his heroic and philanthropic endeavors is the real deal. Humble, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful. From the moment we arrived at Base Camp, the array of other climbers from other camps told me how much they wanted to be around SummitClimb and our crew.

    I did not feel that I had any less of an experience because of the price, in fact, the personalization was much more than I expected and appreciated. The chefs, porters and sherpas were first class and they are the real reasons we summit or don’t. When a terrible “Into Thin Air” storm hit on our May 11th/12th summit night/day, around 60 of the 70 climbers turned back that night due to -40 temperatures and 40 mph winds and complete white-our conditions. All but one of our climbers summitted that evening thanks to the support of our sherpas and support crew.

    Climbing Everest is a big deal – it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would recommend SummitClimb completely and without hesitation. You want a company that will look after you and give you the best chance of getting to the top and back down safely. Better yet, an individual who gives back to the world, makes sure his group is well looked after, and gives you a level of comfort and efficiency on your biggest day.

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