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Exploring the Earth’s highest peaks! Guided expeditions and treks worldwide including Everest, Aconcagua, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro. Trek to Everest Base Camp or Machu Picchu. Northwest climbs & mountaineering courses with over 20 years guiding experience.

Our mountain guides are among the finest in the industry and draw on their extensive experience from climbing and exploring some of the most remote places on earth.

They are highly skilled professionals and are committed to giving our clients the individual care we expect. Chosen for their leadership, judgment and character; Mountain Gurus guides grip a passion for discovery and adventure, guiding you on the path to truly reaching your goals.

Mountain Gurus "Seven Summits" savings!

Sign-up for any two Seven Summits adventures with Mountain Gurus and save $300 each trip in 2013. OR sign-up early for any 2014 Seven Summits trip and save $300. Offer includes Everest, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp Trek.

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8 reviews

  1. Nina, Jun 13, 2013 - Mountain Gurus

    Our month on Everest is an experience I’ll remember forever. In the months leading up to the trip, my conversations with Dennis were informative and exciting, and I was continuously impressed with how knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough his planning was. He anticipated exactly what we’d need on the trip, and was able to custom make our itinerary to fit our unique requests. His hard work paid off and our trek went off without a hitch. When you’re on the mountain and things are getting tough, you appreciate the little details. Dennis had taken care of all of them and it made our outstanding experience what it was! Spring 2011

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  2. Kate G., Feb 13, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    I have just returned from a 9 day trip with Mountain Gurus to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador, and it was decidedly the best trip of the 4 high altitude mountain climbing trips I have done. We just simply had more fun! The haciendas we stayed in were long on atmosphere and good food, which was very appealing after an acclimatization day of hiking. The guides were extremely knowledgable in their glacier skills and carefully insisted that we each master the training and learn the skills well enough to be safe and to summit the Cotopaxi (19,347 ft). But the difference was that the guides and guests were a very dynamic group of people and the laughs came easily and often! Our lead guide was the owner of Mountain Gurus, Dennis Broadwell, and I would highly recommend a trip with this company. I look forward to another mountain climb with them soon!

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  3. Jason036, Feb 22, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    Whilst researching the possibilties for a Mount Baker climb,I contacted many Washington state guide companies.Mountain Gurus were quick to respond and satisfied my many questions-they even managed to accommodate the exact dates I wanted.All in all a perfect fit!

    Our Mt Baker climb consisted of myself from Vancouver BC and a father and son team from South Dakota and California led by our guide Dennis who is the owner of Mountain Gurus.

    Dennis met us at the arranged time at the ranger station in Sedro Wooley.He ensured that we had all of the correct and required gear as outlined in the pre-trip information that was provided win advance.Anything that was missing,Dennis either had extra that he could provide or he helped arrange rental equipment.Once we were all set,we headed to the trail head to begin our hike up to base camp.We did one final check and bathroom stop,adjusted our packs and set off.Dennis as our guide set a comfortable pace to suit us all and chatted about the mountain and its various flora and fauna.It was stressed to us the importance of proper layering of clothes and staying well hydrated and eating good energy food.We took adequate breaks without slowing progress.

    Once at camp,Dennis showed us the most efficient way to set up,store our gear and collect good water.It was now time to do some basic training for group glacier travel.We were shown some popular methods for ascent and descent using crampons and also basic fall arrest techniques with the aid of an ice axe.We also learned some basic knots and rope travel.For anyone considering taking mountaineering to another level I feel this was an excellent introduction course.

    After our mountaineering school,we were instructed to collect some water for cooking (and for our drinking water for our summit attempt).Dennis prepared our dinner which was provided by Mountain Gurus and showed us the correct way to store leftovers and keep the campsite clean and free of debris.He also went through ‘bathroom procedures’ and educating us on the approved waste disposal system.

    We agreed as a group that our summit bid would begin at 2.30am,so another gear check and organisation was in order,Dennis double checked that we were fully prepared and ready to go.We woke up to light rain and misty conditions-not good.After Dennis had prepared some breakfast and hot drinks for the group we set off into the dark.Visibility was limited and the rain got a little worse despite the fact that the forecast was for only a 10% chance of light precipitation on the mountain.During the early part of our ascent we encountered a small guided group coming down who informed us that at around 8’200 ft they encountered ‘whiteout conditions’ and deemed it too risky to continue from that point.I was quietly thinking what Dennis then confirmed-it was not looking good for the summit,however as we continued up the the weather eased a little and visibility became a little better,although it was far from ideal.We navigated a couple of hairy crevasses and Dennis really showed his skills by safely navigating us over and around them.The weather worsened and again Dennis warned us that it was very unlikely that we would be getting to the summit as the steepest and hardest part was yet to come.As it turned out we made it to the Sherman crater rim at around 9’400 FT.Dennis at that point instructed us that as group leader,he was aborting the climb due to inclement weather causing dangerous conditions.We all agreed that this was the correct and wise decision.I believe there were a few groups on Mt Baker that night and dispite the awful conditions and under the excellent guidance of Dennis,our group made it the highest of any in a safe and enjoyable manner.The descent was uneventful and we found time for photo’s and laughs.Mount Baker really is a fantastic mountain with crevasses, serac’s and scenery.

    To summarise my trip with Dennis and mountain gurus I would say that Dennis is a highly professional guide.He has a great sense of humour and is very patient.When things get serious on the mountain,he is all buisiness and takes full control of the situation with excellent command.

    The equipment and food that Mountain gurus provided was of top notch quality and the instruction and information was very valuable.

    Although I cannot speak for any of the other guides employed by Mountain Gurus,if they are of the same caliber as Dennis then you are in very safe and capable hands.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Mountain Gurus and would most certainly use them again.

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  4. Sal M., Feb 24, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    In early July 2013, I went on 3-day climb to Mt. Rainier with 3 other climbers and our 2 guides, Dennis and Craig. Both of them did an excellent job preparing us for the climb; everything from making sure we had the right clothing, equipment, food, and hydration. Throughout the climb to basecamp, they constantly monitored our physical condition and made sure that each of us was keeping pace. At basecamp they took very good care of us by preparing the meals, melting snow for our water bottles and even set up the tents in which we slept. On summit day, they continued to monitor our physical condition, encouraged us to hydrate at every rest stop and made sure that we were all keeping pace and not falling behind. At around the 13,500 foot level, it became clear to both Dennis and Craig that a different route to the summit would need to be taken because of deteriorating conditions on the mountain due to glacial movement. At the same time, 2 members of the climbing party had started to slow down and were not feeling well. For safety reasons, Dennis and Craig then made the decision to turn the climbing party around and head back down to basecamp.
    Despite not being able to reach the summit, everyone on the team agreed that the decision to turn around was the right decision. Dennis and Craig were looking out for our safety first and for that, I am very grateful. The experience of climbing with them and the other members of the party is something that I will always remember. We all had a great time and the scenery was absolutely spectacular! I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of climbing Mt. Rainer to consider going with Mountain Gurus. Dennis and Craig are excellent guides and they will take you to places that very few people get to experience in their lifetime, and they will take very good care of you at the same time!

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  5. Mike S., Mar 01, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    Dennis is a wonderful and personable guide as were his assistants while we scaled Mt Rainer in July 2013. He took the time to answer our questions before the trip to ensure we had the right gear and were prepared for our adventure. Dennis and crew were very knowledgeable, friendly and I would highly recommend them for your mountaineering adventure.

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  6. Walter T., Mar 02, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    My daughter and I had a tight schedule and wanted to get to Everest and up through the Kumba icefall.. Dennis and the Mountain guru staff could not have been more accommadating in making our trip happen.When you are out of your “element” (Mt Everest) you rely on your guides and stall completely. This is where Mountain Gurus excells. We always felt that we were well guided, informed and safe. We are planning our next trip and would Only go with M.G.

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  7. WJ2001, Mar 03, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    I had a great trip with Mountain Gurus. The accomadations in Kathmandu were top notch and the Sherpa staff in the Kumbu were super friendly and accomodating. I did a fall trip which was superb, the mountains are like nothing on earth. Definetly worth the time and quite affordable.

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  8. Rick W., Mar 10, 2014 - Mountain Gurus

    Myself and two of my friends booked a trip to summit Mt Rainier. Dennis gave us guidelines of what to bring and how to train. He even went on a few hikes with us up Tiger Mountain in preparation. The day we left they even rented us some of the gear that we would need for the trip. It was great trip with great weather. The training day went well and we decided to do an evening summit and watch the sun set rather than do a summit that would let us see sunrise, the typical timing for a summit. We decided in advance that whatever the guides said about a summit opportunity would be the gospel and we would follow direction. Unfortunately one of my friends had not trained as hard and at Disappointment Cleaver, Dennis and his partner decided that my friend should turn around and was not going to have what it took to summit. I had trained hard and was having a tough time keeping the pace myself. My friend turned around and was not able to summit with us. We did make the summit at a pretty fast pace and descending even faster. It was a great view and it is awesome to see the mountain on sunny days and realize that I made it to the top. Thanks to Mountain Gurus and Dennis in particular for making sure I was prepared and able to make the summit. It is a memory I will cherish forever. The accommodations we great, the service was top notch and the knowledge and passion of mountaineering that they shared was exceptional.Rick

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