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Local experience with international exposure

We realize that you have many choices when selecting a guiding company and we believe we have the perfect combination of local and international experience to give you the best adventure. While most US companies are reliable and insured as US regulations require, they are often very expensive and lack the local knowledge of Asian companies. Asian companies have a more affordable price and offer the benefits of a local experience, yet reliability and standards are often lacking. We are the best of both. We are licensed in the US and hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality and expectations, and we also run all our own tours locally, with our own Sherpa guides and support staff.

Nepal Office:

Mahankal-5, Golfutar
Kathamndu, Nepal
Toll-Free 888-800-0830
Nepal mobile L1: +977 985-110-6500
Nepal mobile L2: +977 981-333-8008

USA Office:

16300 Redmond Way NE Suite # 201
Redmond WA 98052
Local: 1-206-324-9000
Toll Free: 1-888-800-0830

Our Mission

International Sherpa Guides strives to provide the safest mountain experience possible. We are committed to developing safe, self-reliant and environmentally-conscious mountaineers and offering courses and expeditions of unsurpassed quality throughout the world. Our business practices stress culturally aware and ethical travel.


Our safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testament to our conservative nature when it comes to decision making. While mountaineering has inherent risks, route planning, camp selection, student instruction and leadership training start with a concern for the well-being of climbers.

Our Goals

International Sherp Guides strives to:

• Assist our clients in attaining the summit
• Encourage respect and understanding of our unique alpine environment
• Educate through the adventure of mountaineering and trekking
• Offer the most enjoyable and rewarding alpine experience possible
• Help you to achieve your goal and dreams

Individual Attention

Whether climbing with us to the summit of Everest, going on safari or river rafting, we provide personal attention, and prompt, courteous interaction. This is important to us. Gear, locations, fitness levels, and host-country knowledge are crucial elements in preparing for a trip and we treat every correspondence with utmost care and consideration. We have always felt that personal attention is an integral part of putting together team-oriented expeditions. We understand that being a premier mountaineering company is not only about offering quality services, but also about helping each individual achieve their personal goals.

Connections Abroad & How We Operate

All of our expeditions and treks employ local climbers, porters and/or guides. These local outfitters are carefully reviewed, not only for their expertise in the mountain regions nearest them, but as long term partners with The American Alpine Institute. Wesend our own guide on each expedition, as well as local guides since they are an excellent resource to understanding the climbing, trekking and culture in each of the areas we visit. Many of these outfitters have been with us since inception. We believe long-term relationships help foster environmentally sound and high quality expeditions.

Giving Back to the Community

One of our greatest joys is improving the lives of others. Through our sister organization, 7 Summits Foundation, we provide health care, infrastructure and schools to the people in the areas where we guide. For more information on education and volunteer programs visit our foundation site

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3 reviews

  1. Heidi Seabourn, Apr 02, 2014 - International Sherpa Guides

    Several family members, including my parents, and friends had returned from trekking in Nepal with wonderful stories of adventure and extraordinary experiences of the land and people of the Himalayas. So my husband, Scott and I began planning our trip to Nepal this time last year. We decided to go in the fall when the weather is generally sunny and clear. However, the spring is also a great time to trek as well. So, we booked our travel arriving into Kathmandu on October 18th and leaving on November 9th. Next we determined the specific area we wanted to trek. Scott has a long fascination with Everest, so while we knew it would be a very popular trek especially during the fall, we decided to do the Everest/Khumba Valley region, taking us up to the base of Everest.

    Active hikers, cyclists and skiers, we chose to carry our own packs, but decided we wanted a guide in order to get the most out of our trip. After extensive research, we selected the “home grown” guide service of International Sherpa Guides, run by AC Sherpa. AC was raised in Nepal, but moved to Mercer Island for high school. Staying with a host family on the Island, AC took up American sports, playing football for MIHS before graduating in 1990. He married a dentist, started a family and settled into the Seattle area. But he kept his strong association to his family and native land by guiding people from all over the world up the trails and mountains of Nepal. Today, ISG leads adventure expeditions all over the world, and AC Sherpa holds the world record by climbing Seven Summits within 42 climbing days.

    The minute we met AC, we knew he would help create an unforgettable trekking experience for us. And he did. AC happened to be in Kathmandu the day we arrived and greeted us at the airport. He helped organize our hotel in Kathmandu and a few days later, drove us to the airport again to make sure we were safely on our flight up to Lukla and the beginning of our trek. But the biggest gift was the guide that AC had selected for us through ISG for our 17-day trek to Everest. Jyamchung Bhote met us at the little airport in Lukla and immediately we knew we were in great hands. Only 31, Jyamchung (JB) has summited Everest seven times and climbed over 100 peaks. He knows every inch of the Khumba region and everyone knows him. This meant that we somehow always got the best room in every guest house, and that we heard amazing tails of climbing expeditions as he pointed out the various peaks that towered all around us. The guesthouses are generally owned and run by Sherpa families, so JB had climbed with many of the owners and seemed to know every guide as well.

    So, we set off. We generally would trek for a few hours after breakfast, then stop at a guesthouse for a hot lunch, then trek for a few more hours to our resting spot for the day. The trekking was challenging, especially with backpacks, at altitude. We practiced good acclimatization and took Diamox so experienced no altitude sickness. Children play on the pathways or are walking to and from school, dodging yaks and mule trains, porters laden with supplies and trekkers. Everyone has a smile and a greeting of “Namaste!” The trails are lined with mane walls and stupas—flat stones inscribed with Buddhist prayers and temples. JB took us to be blessed by the main Lama for the Khumba region mid-way through a trek, an experience we won’t forget.

    No matter how many hours over how many days I walked beneath these glorious peaks, they continued to take my breath away with their beauty. For those of us who are blessed to live surrounded by mountains, imagine the mountains now double or triple the size. A week into our trek, we realized that we were now sleeping at an altitude that was the equivalent of the top of Mt. Rainier, with higher to go.

    Everest is all that you expect, and you see it in snatches at various points along the trail. When you finally get up on Kalapattar or Gokyo Ri and see it head on you realize why it continues to lull climbers and spark writers’ imaginations.

    Nepal is the stuff of dreams, beautiful, warm people living on the raw edge of the world’s largest and most magnificent mountain range. Go see it up close. Scott and I are happy to share our insights and recommendations. In the meantime, check out ISG’s website at

       -   Reply
  2. Erika, Apr 02, 2014 - International Sherpa Guides

    Memories of a lifetime again! Two years ago I went on a trek with AC for a 7SF function. It was so far beyond my expectations I still look at the photos from it every day. I never expect those memories to be replaced. It was a fantastic trip and a wonderful cultural immersion. But this year we did another trip with ISG and 7SF and they did it again! From the Everest Highway to the back of an elephant in the tropics, to Buddhist temples full of history, to volunteering in a remote village off the tourist track, and gaining a bunch of new friends in a faraway land, ISG and 7SF has again exceeded my expectations. I have two trips worth of memories of a lifetime and I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you AC!

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  3. Mike, Apr 02, 2014 - International Sherpa Guides

    I have traveled a lot around the world climbing Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Ararat and the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Andes and I will say that AC was the best guide and organizer I have ever had. AC’s main strength is his ability to make new arrangements based on unexpected problem and conditions. All this is done with humor and good cheer. I will say that AC’s experience, contacts and knowledge of the Everest area is second to none. AC’s support staff from cooks to yak drivers to Kathmandu drivers and guides were all professional and experienced.

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