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The Himalayas are home to some of the most captivating vistas of the world. Ace the Himalaya has meticulously created unique outdoor adventure journeys for you to explore the highlights of three enchanting, yet very different cultural wonderlands – Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and as our business development we are soon reaching out to India. From trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering to rafting, wildlife safari, cultural tours and other activities, Ace the Himalaya has an option for all kinds of outdoor lovers. We are proud to showcase the Himalayas to the world and take your journey beyond the ordinary!

Company Overview

Ace the Himalaya was founded by Prem K Khatry in 2006, after working for many years as a freelance tour/trekking leader. Prem founded Ace to be a 100% locally owned inbound ground operator in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Since 2006, Ace the Himalaya has been proudly showcasing the scenic beauty of the glorious Himalayas to the world. As a Nepalese-owned company, Ace offers wholesale tour operators the twin benefits of affordable ground services and superior quality itineraries and travel planning services. Today, the company employs a staff of 40 and has proudly served more than two thousand trekking groups in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The company will soon offer itineraries in northern India and Rajasthan.

What We Do

Ace specializes in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, wildlife safaris, mountain biking, cultural tours, and specialty itineraries (honeymoon, photography, festivals, voluntourism and student). Ace offers both, pre-planned itineraries and custom travel planning services. Our average group size has eight clients and two guides. Ace can also accommodate large groups, having worked with student groups of up to 80 travelers.

We now have packages for ‘Voluntourism’, which stands for volunteering while traveling. Also, we have just started a special marriage package in traditional Nepalese custom for the couples on a holiday in Nepal.

How We Are Different

The Ace team has spent years finding quaint out-of-the-way places to stay that complement in more familiar destinations within Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. The company prides itself on its extensive knowledge and network; every team member has been carefully selected for their specialized skills and talents along with their dedication to customer delight. While traveling with us, you will feel a sense of comfort as you become part of our family.

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7 reviews

  1. Jeffery C., May 31, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    The people at Ace the Himalaya did a fantastic job with all our many trip details. We were very pleased with our Nepal Adventure and would recommend this trip to anyone wishing to experience Nepal and be challenged on a sport level as well. Our particular trip included whitewater rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking and bungee jumping. We also enjoyed sight-seeing, experiencing Nepali culture and cuisine along with an elephant safari in Chitwan National Park! Prem was very helpful in answering all our questions before the trip and provided us with valuable information concerning arrival procedures and suggestions on necessary gear to make the trip more enjoyable. As experienced travelers, we usually book everything ourselves. Having Ace take care of the details was like having your own personal concierge service. They were professional, courteous and were very flexible, allowing you to “tweak” your itinerary and tailor your trip to your own personal tastes. I would recommend Prem and the staff at Ace to enjoy Nepal in a “worry free” environment. I would recommend Nepal to anyone interested in a fascinating encounter with a very warm and welcoming people who live in a truly beautiful part of the world.

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  2. James V., May 31, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    What a fantastic experience. A very remarkable trip with some great memories. Everything was arranged, trouble free and no fuss. Our guide, Arjun was also sensational making the trip very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

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  3. Julia H., Jun 01, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    I went on the EBC trip advertised through the Clymb along with 10 other strangers, all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Some with high altitude experence, some not. We headed up on May 20 for a late season trip- advantage, warm weather in the lower areas, disadvantage, as with any mountain range, the chance of snow. And snow we got, two feet of it at Loubouche. Some opted to head up the mountain to EBC, many of us didn’t (me included) and opted instead to rest, relax, shower up and wait for sun. Our guides Raj and Deepak were cheerful, competent and talented. Raj was full of good humor and laughter every day, and even when we faced the identical menu choices at every single stop we found a way to get fed and fortified. One accustoms to the icy rooms, because once you’re on the trail you are greeted by what most people will only have photos of in their houses: massive great walls covered with snows, looming Everest and her sister peaks, a stately monastery and a chance to listen to prayer services in person. The snows against those blue skies are something else again.

    We even got to see the Everest marathon head down hill through the same snow that kept us from heading up!

    You must be prepared for the long uphills and downhills which are hard on the feet and shins, and relatively good shape is not the kind of shape to be in for this trek. This is serious walking. One of our group got very ill with ALS and was not taking Diomox and that is another very serious piece of advice. Don’t come without out it and use it while you’re here. Altitude sickness is nothing to be trifled with thinking that you’re young and strong is a good way to get helicoptered off the mountain. Fitness is not a preventative.

    If I had one complaint, and this does not in any way reflect on Ace the Himalaya, it is the condition of the toilets on the mountain. Considering the masses of people going up and coming down, one would think that some kind of effort would be made to recirculate the sewage gas so that it is not such a constant and overwhelming companion to one’s toiletries. At one point i was told “this is the mountain.” To a point I most certainly understand. But there are ways to pipe this horrific smell somewhere other than into one’s bedroom (yes really)and we used outdoor toilets which utilized wood chips and other compost to great effect. As this is my third major climb, I remember that the Inca Trail suffered the same issue. Do not travel with out a great deal of toilet paper, no matter what, extremely good glacier glasses, and a huge sense of humor. Take an alternate pair of hiking boots, you will use them.

    Ace did all the rest, by making sure we were safe, happy, saw blooming rhododendrons and gorgeous scenery the envy of all our friends and took care of all the administrative details so that we were free to do all the hiking, walking, gawking and standing in wonder- and there’s a great deal of that- we wanted.

    One last note: get to know your porter. Kopal lugged my oversized load (by about ten pounds or so) and I made sure that he got something special every morning to start his day. At the end of the trip we were talking and laughing and having a great deal of fun interacting, and I also made sure that he got a nice big fat extra tip for his effort. I really appreciated that he had extra to carry, and a Snickers bar stuck into the handle (or two) was definitely something he enjoyed. But he enjoyed the big tip at the end even more.

    What’s key to enjoying this trip is to remember that the end goal is not the goal. As with trips like the Inca Trail, it’s the journey, the EBC is really just a place. Kala Pattar was ultimately too dangerous to climb. But the chance to make way for yaks, walk across heart attack inducing suspension bridges, watch donkey trains head by, and marvel at the human train taking massive boxes of Pringles and coke up the mountain so that you and I can consume that in Gorek Shep, and being able to sit right behind the pilot as he comes in for a landing at Lukla which will decide for you once and for all to let your grey hair grow in, well, only here. The kids faces, the ancients saying Namaste, the excellent company of your group- that’s the journey, not whether you made base camp.

    Prem started out as a porter, Raj our senior guide did too, and so did Deepak our assistant guide. They all know the mountain, the trails, the best views, and they want you have a magical time. They give back to the community, too. In all regards, an excellent operation all around. Strongly recommended.

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  4. Rossy R., Jun 03, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    Was an enjoyable experience on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Everything was very well organised from the time of arrival in Kathmandu to my departure; the hotels & guest houses booked were comfortable . Thank you Kumar my guide on this trek and my porters for your support & experience & would highly recommend Ace the Himalaya. Look forward to another trek with you guys in the near future. Thanks so much!!!

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  5. Selena R., Jun 03, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    we had a great time with Ace in Tibet, and Prem & team (in Kathmandu) and Melanie (in Switzerland) were extremely helpful, very responsive, and a great source of knowledge in the preparations. We had some issues the first time round of getting into Tibet, they reacted very fast, offered us alternatives, and made us feel important all the time. We can highly recommend the team, they are very motivated, and the private tour we had with them was incredible!!

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  6. NikoNubian, Jun 03, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    After having a bad day at work I thought why not book a trip to Nepal . It was the best decision I made back in August 2013. Prem was attentive in answering a whole host of questions I had before and after I made my purchase. I was sad to leave but Nepal will and the great experience I had with Ace will always stay in mind.

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  7. Jacob L., Jun 05, 2014 - Ace The Himalaya

    I am a very particular type of person and I can easily say that if you are even just considering the Everest Base Camp trek you can stop looking right now and book with Ace. It will be a life changing experience and an incredible value. There are literally dozens of guide services that will take you on this trip – as far as cost, Ace falls somewhere mid-range in what you will find out there. My experience on the trip is that among all the other tour groups you will encounter, Ace is among the most reputable, well staffed, and well organized. When it comes to guaranteeing your accommodations in Kathmandu, every village along the route, and most importantly your flights to and from Lukla – you cannot go wrong with Ace – and you definitely do not want any of this messed up. I won’t go into details about the experience, because you can read all about the trip all over the internet, I will simply reiterate that Ace is an absolutely top notch tour service to use.

    My guide Madan, who looks like a movie star, was easily the best guide I encountered during the trip. He was knowledgeable about the entire Trek, had a great personality, spoke perfect english, was very professional and well organized, and even regaled us with songs throughout our journey. I considered him a friend within the first couple days. He has led this specific trek nearly 100 times and that experienced showed.

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